Scuba diving Plan


Exercise has many health benefits and research has shown that exercise can even improve the way that we feel about our bodies.



Whether you want to take up diving, or progress your diving, I can help.  I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 23 years of diving under my weight belt (sorry for the pun!).  I can teach from Open Water, all the way up to the professional Divemaster level.  I can complete all the theory with you, and, depending on where you’d like to dive, I can arrange your practical and open water sessions with a dive centre either near you or abroad.

Best Plan

Class Timing

Sun :
5.30 am-7.00 am
Mon :
5.30 am-7.00 am
Tue :
5.30 am-7.00 am
Wed :
5.30 am-7.00 am
Thu :
5.30 am-7.00 am
Fri :
5.30 am-7.00 am
Sat :
5.30 am-7.00 am
18 Year






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