EnviroShark Plan

I spent a lot of time wondering the best way of how to give back to the environment that’s bigger than litter picking or doing ocean clean up when I’m out diving rochusfisches, after all, without plants and trees, we lose the oxygen we breathe, and without bees, we lose the pollinators that help create the plants and trees.

10 Year






There are two ways the EnviroShark Plan works:

Part of every purchase made, either through the services I offer, through the shop, or through the companies I work with, goes towards buying land to plant trees and bee friendly flowers on, as well as ocean and waterways clean-ups.

Offsetting your carbon footprint, either as an amount per item you buy (for example a car, washing machine, flight etc), or as an annual amount. Did you know that an individual round trip to Spain creates almost half a tonne (492kg) of carbon emissions, which can be simply offset by paying £24.60 for the journey? How about washing your clothes? Typically, doing your laundry creates 0.051 tonnes (51kg) of carbon emissions per year can be offset by just £2.55 per year. The Login carbn offset you choose to pay goes into the EnviroShark Plan pot for land, trees, flowers, clean-ups

Carbon Offsetting

The ability to offset the carbon footprint made by either a new purchase, a journey, or an annual amount of CO2 produced.