Follow the shark to a better you!

Well, here it is!  I’ve finally done it and got the Wellness Shark website set up and running!

I was so determined to come out of lockdown with something more than greying hair from home-schooling the kiddoes, and I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while.  Wellness Shark has had a presence on Facebook and Instagram for a few months now, and I am super stoked to say that the EnviroShark Plan has already got just over £80 banked!  Amazing!  £80 equates to 28 packs of bee and butterfly wildflower seeds, or 60 tree saplings, or 0.72% of a small plot of green-land; so we have a way to go yet to get the land to then planting trees and flowers on, but it’s achievable!

Wellness Shark offers anything from purchasable items in the shop, to some of the most amazing services… Want access to over 70 of the greatest fitness and nutrition programs?  They’re here.  Want to learn to scuba dive?  That’s here.  Want to improve your swimming technique from afar?  That’s here too, along with many other great services.  If in doubt, Follow The Shark!

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