Are you Addicted to Giving?

Give to charity whilst looking awesome!

I am SO excited for these!
The concept, “Addicted to Giving” has been (quite literally) in the making for 14 years. It started out way back when I was in my early twenties when I always put a coin or two in the charity pots in shops / in the high street / at events etc; & I thought of myself as being “addicted to giving” to these little charity pots lol 😄. From there, I thought about ways to encourage giving whist raising awareness of well known & not so well known charities. It was, whilst on a scuba dive (yeah, weird right?! 😆), I thought “what about tops?!”. So it’s not until many years later, when Wellness Shark was born that I had the means to really get the ball rolling on this 14 year old idea 🥳
Every 6 months, Wellness Shark will be donating half, YES HALF of the profits from these tops to the charity of choice. This half year we are going to start with Mind as mental health & wellbeing is so important.
As they are only going to be out for 6 months, they are limited edition & won’t be available to buy after June, so do something amazing & support a charity whilst looking awesome!
Adults £14.99 & Kids £10.99 Buy yours now

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