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For years I said to myself that I should consolidate all of my qualifications and beliefs, and put them in one place instead of instructing here, teaching there, and helping the environment when and where I can; so I finally decided to act on this, and created Wellness Shark.

I am a beacon of a healthy lifestyle, but I wasn’t always that way…  I hated running, I hated exercise, if I got a little fat I’d just starve myself a bit till I lost it, I ate way too many unhealthy things, and the sheer mention of a salad would have me bursting into fits of laughter!  It all came to a head when I looked in the mirror one day and literally hated who I saw.  By that time, I was working a full time job and two part time jobs, a wife and a Mum of two amazing boys, and I wanted to make sure we would all have a long incredible life together.  So I changed the food we ate and the way we ate, I upskilled, I changed jobs and set up Wellness Shark a couple of years later, and I shifted my focus to doing what I love.  Yes it was scary and yes it was hard (so freaking hard!) at times, but looking back at it all, I’d never go back, not for all the chocolate in the world (I was also a horrific chocoholic!).  I quickly got over my sheer hatred for exercise and now I’m one of those weirdos that’s disappointed when they have a rest day haha!

Anything is possible, you just have to believe in yourself and believe in the process. 

Progress, no matter how small is still progress, and that is most definitely something to be proud of!

I feel that the most important part of what I am trying to achieve with Wellness Shark involves wellness for not only yourself and others, but also for the environment. Wellness for yourself is extremely important and I promote this through the right nutrition for what you’re wanting to achieve, fitness, the skills to help someone in an emergency, and life and mindfulness coaching, amongst others. The environmental wellness side of Wellness Shark is to help ensure that we have a world to live in and constitutes of two parts; the first, is that part of every purchase made goes towards my EnviroShark Plan, which is buying land to plant trees and bee friendly flowers on, along with ocean and waterways clean-ups; and the second part is a way to offset your carbon footprint, which can be done every time you buy something or as an annual amount, and money from this also goes into the EnviroShark Plan.



  1. Level 2 Certificate in Swimming Teaching (from beginner to competition level)
  2. Level 2 Award in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Preschool
  3. MermaidsUK Instructor
  4. Jr Lifeguard Academy
  5. Artistic Swimming – Experience, Explore & Expression


  1.  Level 4 Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance
  2. Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Fitness & Nutrition
  3. Mental Toughness (Sport & Nutrition)

First Aid

  1.  EFR (Emergency First Response) Instructor – including Child & Infant, CPR & AED
  2. EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) Instructor – including CPR & AED


  1. Level 3 Personal Trainer
  2. Performance Enhancement Specialist
  3. Level 3 Exercise Referral
  4. Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Fitness & Nutrition
  5. Water Fitness Teacher (Aqua fit for adults and children from 8yrs upwards)
  6. Youth Exercise Specialist (6yrs upwards)
  7. Senior Fitness Specialist
  8. Beachbody Coach
  9. Mental Toughness (Sport & Nutrition)
  10. Medicine Ball Training
  11. Integrated Balance Training
  12. Integrated Speed, Agility and Quickness
  13. OPT Model

Scuba Diving

  1. PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer)
  2. PADI Specialty Instructor – many courses


  1. Reiki Master
  2. Life Coach
  3. Wellness Practitioner

Fitness related

  1. Self Myofacial release
  2. Taping and Strapping

Non-Fitness related

  1. Batchelors Degree – Anthropology
  2. Masters Degree – Forensic Science

Wellness Shark Plans

Shark Coaching
Tell me what you want, and together we will find out what you NEED to make that happen!
Aqua Fit
Get the heart beating and the fat burning with these tough water classes!
Exercise Referral
Helping you get back to fit following a referral by a doctor or therapist.
Swimming Prep For Events & Competitions
I help swimmers and triathletes become stronger, fitter and faster in the water; through water and dry-land training, with also incorporating a diet to fuel the improvement.
Fitness programs to get you to your goals!  What are you going to do with this year?
Scuba diving
Fancy taking on the adventure of learning to dive? Or just want to advance your certifications?  Let’s get you blowing bubbles!